Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Getting much better

I think we are getting better. Jameson's cough is MUCH better and he does not have a stuff nose anymore. We are so thankful this cold did not take us to the hospital. I am also very thankful for our pediatrician. Dr. Coffman was off on Wed. and he personally called to get us in the office with the exact doctor that he wanted us to see. He is so over cautious with Jameson and that makes me happy. He will see us for any reason.....even if I am just being paranoid! Dr. Coffman asked if I was as up tight with the other boys as I am with Jameson. I said NO!!!!! The other boys have healthy skin and Jameson doesn't. I told him I have every reason in the world to be paranoid....he laughed and agreed.

Halloween was fun. It was not cool enough to take Jameson with us; plus, he was sitll getting over his cold. He stayed at home with my mom and dad. The boys did go as mummies. They had a great time. Todd and I had to bandage them....WOW...what a job. I think they have a greater appreciation for what Jameson has to go through everyday. It took forever to wrap them. Oh!! Just for those who may want to wrap their kids as mummies next year remember they may need to go to the bathroom. We had to learn the hard way.....unwrap and then wrap again.

I was talking to another Eb mom and she gave us some great advice. Other mom's of Eb babies really are soooo helpful. I have such a fear doing anything different with Jameson. I want to wrap him the same, hold him the same, and really not change anything but his diaper. This wonderful mom told me that doing things different is good. She told us it is sorta like a risk-reward thing. If you don't take the risk to do something different then you will never know if something else may work better. Well.....I did not wrap Jameson's arms on Friday. I put this other clothe-like material on him. He did still blister but not anything like I thought he might. I was just proud that I did something different. On Saturday, I did wrap his arms like normal but I believe that I am learning to trust and not fear the unknown. I was praying today and expressing my anxieties with Jesus. I was encouraged by the peace that I felt. The Lord made it clear to me that I needed to find joy in the little triumphs right now. I need to find Jesus in even the little things (like wrapping him differently). I am always asking Jesus for the BIG answers to pray....when really Jesus is all over answering the little things and I just needed a little reminder. I will find joy in the little triumphs in life!!!!

Thanks for praying for Jameson. I do believe your prayers kept us out of the hospital. We are thankful for each one of you!!!!



QOET said...

We are looking forward to seeing the other two "mummies!"

circus of love said...

So thankful Jameson didn't need to go to the hospital with this cold. We love you guys!!!
I love the Mummy story. I wondered how you were going to do the bottom half of the boys. I suppose wrapping the top and then just putting white pants on the bottom is an option.

erin and britt said...

Ok, we have been out of the loop for a while. RSV? Didn't another one of your boys get that too? I'm so glad that crisis has passed. And Todd, I would have totally responded to your blog. :) Wish we could have seen the mummies. Our boys were "bow hunters" (basically whatever camo we could find in their closets) and little bit was Snow White. We love you guys...hope to see you soonish. Love, Erin

Mark Setsma said...

Praise God the hospital was again avoided. Looks like halloween was very fun. Lets get together soon. Its been too long.

Love you all so much.


Chuck and Tammy said...

What a wonderful picture. I especially love Zachary's facial expression in the picture with Nicholas. Melisa, he looks so much like you. I am so thankful to hear that the hospital visit was avoided. We have been praying for you and your family and will continue. We love you guys!!!!

Chuck and Tammy

Sara said...

very cute mummies!!

Hope Jameson is getting better and better everyday!

Debbie Rector said...

We are so thrilled to hear Jameson is doing much better. The pictures are so cute. What wonderful memories you are making that all 3 boys can share together. If your dad and mom are still there tell them we say hello and we love them.We continue to pray for you all daily.
Love Glen and Debbie

Dianne Snead said...

So happy that things are going well. The pictures are great. I do miss the days when my boys dressed up for halloween. Enjoy it while you can, time will go by so fast. Of course I have enjoyed every stage in their lives. I pray for you guys everyday, and look forward to hearing your news. Thanks for sharing. What a blessing it is to be a parent, for God to trust us with such a gift. It is the most rewarding thing we will ever do. We love y'all.

QOET said...

Are things OK? Hope all is well an that no blog news is good news!

Katrin said...

Hey Setsma-family... is so great to read about Jameson getting a little better! And by the way, I looooved the Halloween pics! They were awesome!

You're kids are really cute!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving....

...I'm sending all my love from Germany to you guys!

Take care