Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still stuffy

Jameson is doing OK. He still has a stuffy nose,a cough and just a little crabby. He is taking Albuteral (spelling??) in syrup form. We just pray that the medication helps open up his air way passages. Who knows......our Jameson never seems to make life easy!!!!!! I live wondering what will be next=) He is such a trooper.

He has found his little hands and is now rubbing his face. He has boo-boos on his cheeks again. A wonderful friend has made him some cute, soft mittens and that is helping. It makes him sooooo mad when we try to keep him from rubbing his face. He definitely has a strong will and a strong desire to get his way. Just like his Daddy=) ha-ha!!!!

We have an apt. for the Eco-cardiogram on Nov. 13th. I am still a little nervous, but I know that God will go before us. Just think about how God has gone before us in every situation that we have gone through with Jameson. I stand amazed at how strong the Lord is and how weak I am. I often forget how the hand of God has guided us throughout Jameson's life. Remembering the goodness of God is a remarkable thing. I know that we can go through many things because of what God has already brought us through. I am challenged everyday to remember the goodness of God because the struggles of this disease can causes me to be very sad and discouraged. There is a great song......"God is good All the time and All the time God is good".

Thanks for all of your prayers.



Sara said...

I forgot to suggest using a humidifer. It will help with his stuffy nose. When Grace had RSV we ran it 24/7 right next to her and it helped alot. Just make sure you clean it daily with a little bleach to keep mold from growing. You can also add a splash of bleach to a full container to help inhibit mold growth. It is such a miminal amount that it won't have the bleachy smell or hurt him. We always did the cool mist ones as oppsed to the warm mist ones. Sami still uses one at night because when the weather gets drier her nose will bleed a lot. The humidifer has cut down on nose bleads as well.

You guys are doing such an amazing job with Jameson and you have come along way in the past 3 1/2 months:-)

As for the rubbing of the face, you can coat his face with aquaphor so when his hands rub up against it, they shouldn't cause too much damage.

Also, ask his doctor about the RSV vaccine. It may prevent him from getting it in the future. Or at least not as bad. He should quilify as 'high risk' since he has EB.

Ok, I think thats all the suggestions i have for now!


Mrs. Hendrix said...

You don't know me but you're a friend of a friend of a friend (haha) and your blog page was on theirs. I read the entire thing (hope you don't mind) and I wanted to let you know how inspiring your faith and testimony are. I am in awe at how strong you and your husband are and how you have depended on God regardless of your struggles. I had a baby girl 3 days after you had Jameson (precious name by the way). We almost lost her at birth. It took them 15 minutes to do CPR when they pulled her out (c section). Avie had 2 strokes, 4 seizures, 2 blood transfusions, YOU NAME IT. My husband and I were in complete shock...I'd had such a healthy pregnancy. We asked "why God?". He answered us immediately. He wouldn't give us anything we couldn't handle. He knew we could handle it, but the single mother next door to us in the hospital may not have. We had abundant prayer from people all over the country and emotional support everywhere we turned! Our baby was only in the NICU for 10 days. God healed her quickly and gave her strength to come home with us. He also blessed us with a courtesy room at the hospital so we didn't have to leave her at night. There are still things we have to watch for as she grows and develops (because of the strokes), but we know that no matter what happens we have her...ALIVE. We can handle whatever comes our way because God let us keep our baby and we are blessed immeasurably. My twin brother and his wife had a baby 26 days after us and their baby was perfectly healthy and got to be in the room with them the entire time...there was a little jealousy there...I'd hoped for the same thing with our baby. My brother got to walk out with their baby when she was born and we took pictures. My husband had to walk out empty-handed because our baby had been rushed to the NICU. I still cry when I picture that. I just wanted to share a little of what we've gone through to tell you how much I agree with you...God has a purpose for EVERYTHING and He chooses people like us to be mothers of babies who didn't quite have the start of life that we expected...because He blesses US with the privilege of loving and caring for his special babies. I know that it must be heartbreaking to see your baby with pain and discomfort, but my husband Chad and I will be praying for you and your family...especially that precious baby boy. I am moved by what you've written in your are very admirable parents and I hope you know how special yall are to be blessed with such a precious baby...I'm sure you do!

Dial Family said...

Hey guys! You are doing such an awesome job with Jameson! He look so happy and content. But, the strong will coming from Todd...I am not so sure!

You are still in our prayers!
Much love,
The Dials

Hilda said...

Hey Melissa and family,
Just want you to know that we are still praying for Jameson and the family. I love reading your updates and especially LOVE the pictures. Always remember that you are loved!!!
Much love,

Debbie Rector said...

Melisa,We are so thankful that Jameson has been able to stay home and heal from the RSV. We know that having to return to the hospital was a concern.We serve an awesome God.So many people are touched daily by yours and Todds obedience to God and your perseverance through this journey.We continue to pray for all of you daily.Jeremiah30:17 For I will restore health to you And heal you of your wounds; says the Lord
Love Glen and Debbie