Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Okay you have all given me a complex. I haven't written the update in weeks now and when we logged on tonight to read "all your comment" ...we had none! Are you trying to tell me that Melisa is a better "blogger". :)

Melisa took Jameson to Dr. Coffman this afternoon and Jman has RSV. It's a cold that a baby gets that goes to his lungs. We have medication that he will take until tomorrow and if the medication doesn't help the cold we will have to spend some time at Arnold Palmer Hospital again. The poor little guy can't seem to catch a break.

We will keep you posted as soon as we know what's going to happen.



Sara said...

Grace had RSV at 2 weeks of age. She did breathing treatments multiple times daily for a few days and slow she got better, but it took a good 2-3 weeks before she was completely better. What medication is he on? Give me a call if there is anything I can do to help.


Chuck and Tammy said...

Jared also had this at 2 1/2 months (remember we missed your wedding because of it). It can be very scary for a parent or at least for me it was. I will pray that the medicine works and that a hospital visit will not be needed. I love you guys. Oh, I ran across a picture of us the other day at my mom's was of us from Old Fashioned Day at FBT. If I can find it again I will send you a copy. It is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Chuck and Tammy

Katie Murray said...

Ella just got over a terrible cold and we use the bulb snot thing (I don't know what its technical name is) and she doesn't seem to have any problems. I was really nervous to use it at first, but now I use it about once or twice a day when she has a cold and so far (knock on wood) she hasn't had any problems.


Katie Murray said...

And one more thing, we use baby wipes to wipe Ella's nose instead of regular tissue. Since it's moist it doesn't seem to cause as much irritation.


qoet said...

Your blogging is great! It was so nice to have an update, and we are hoping that you don't see AP anytime soon. We figured you were too busy watching the Rays to notice the delay in comments...
Keep us posted!

The Newsomes said...

OK, so I figured you were biking instead of blogging theses days so I haven't been commenting =). Bob told me about baby J...sooo sorry! We will be praying that you all can stay warm and cozy at your home and not have to go to Arnold Palmer again. Let us know how we can help. Try not to let baby J snore louder than you with his cold. Melisa needs her rest =)