Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


A great friend brought over that pumpkin wrapped in bandages for Jameson and we loved it!!!! The boys are all going as mummies for Halloween (just for Jameson). I never thought seeing my child wrapped in bandages could be so cute but boy is he CUTE!!!

We went to the doctor and Jameson has gained 1lb and 1 1/2 oz in one month. We were happy. Dr. Coffman came in to see Jameson and he was sooooo surprised at how good he looked. Thanks for ALL of your prayers; God is doing great and mighty things because of you praying for Jameson. The doctor did hear the same heart murmur. I will be making the appt. this week to go in for the Eco-cardiogram. Please pray that we will have no complications and the murmur is something that we will grow out of. I have been given some great advice about going in for the the first appt. of the day, and just unbandage as little of an area as possible. WOW!!! I get a little nervous about all of this. Please pray for me=)

A friend came by the other day that had a baby just 10 days before us, He was very cute with amazingly beautiful skin!!! I had no idea how seeing that baby really affected me. I was greatly saddened by what they had......a perfectly normal baby with perfectly normal skin. I cried ALOT. I was so sad that we were going through all of this and really did not handle my emotion well at all. I felt such guilt. I never want to look at what God has given someone else and think that I got the shaft. I felt sorry for myself for all day. I know that there will be good days and bad......but that was one of the worst. I have learned a great lesson though.....I don't have a baby with normal skin; I have a baby with perfect skin. God did not give me the shaft; He gave me everything that He wanted us to have. God wanted us to have an EB baby. We were given so much more than normal. Every time God reminds me of what He has given me, I am so humbled. I want so much to look at everything that has happened in the last 14 weeks and only see how the hand of God has moved and work in my life and pray that the lessons He is teaching me I am learning. If God doesn't give me anything else, I know that today He has given me ALL that I could ever have imagined...a wonderful Savior and a beautiful family.

Thanks for praying for baby Jameson. One day, we will all be praising God for his complete healing!!!!



KToens said...

I LOVE your honesty! Everytime I see you I am amazed at your strength. You looked awesome at the football game on Friday....I marvel at how you do it all. Your mummy pumpkin is adorable and so are those sweet boys. You are never far from my thoughts.
I love you guys....

Steffi said...

Dear friends,
it took a while since I knew what MUMMY means :o) What a pretty picture and nice idea. Melisa, you are looking soooo pretty- your smile is the same since I saw you for the first time- at the swimmingpool. We are so impressed how you all manage everything.
You can be soooo proud of your three very handsome ( can I say that?? to kids ) BOYS!!!! We LOVE you all. You are always in our thoughts. We pray for you.
Take care, your friends always

Dirk, Mia&Steffi
P.S. It is getting really cold over here. I send the parcel two days ago. Maybe you can write a line when you reach it.

The Wagner Family said...

That mummy pumpkin is too cute. Love the idea for costumes!

Thank you for your honesty in dealing with this. You are such a testimony. I pray often for you all.

Hage Family said...

First- the pumpkin is precious!!!

Secondly - I remember when Ethan was born and we found out about his stroke I was constantly praying for complete healing and often feeling envious of other kids who had full use of their hands. However I realized quickly that God Designed Ethan exactly as he was meant to be and my prayers changed. Of course I wanted complete healing but I was just satisfied with praying over wanting Ethan's life and his reason for being here to be something great and mighty. That ethan would be used for remarkeable things, whether or not if he could use his hands and leg like others!!

I'd say that if nothing else Jameson is enabling you to see Gods beauty and good work in you. In such a short time on this Earth think of the effects that he has made on so many. Even if God's ultimate plan does not include skin like you and me for Jameson doesn't mean Jameson isn't perfect...he is perfectly and intentionally made just as our maker intended him to be...and he is precious too!


Stacey said...

Love the picture of J by the pumpkin! It is like he is saying, "I can't believe my mom put me in a Zoe diaper for my pumpkin picture."

You are the best momma I know! You are doing an amazing job and it is right and normal that you would cry. The Lord is drawn to that brokenness. You know too, that His power is best displayed in weakness, whether it be yours or J's. He is shining in your family!

I also see the look of complete contentment in J's eyes as you are holding him. He loves you so much!

All my prayers,

Dial Family said...

I love the new pictures. Jameson look happy and healthy to me! Can't wait to see the Setsma boys as mummies on Halloween.

You are such an honest example of always seeking the face of the Lord. Thanks for walking this journey so openly. You are doing an amazing job!

Debbie Rector said...

Dear Melisa,
You are feeling exactly what any other mother would be feeling in your situation and your honesty is helping someone, somewhere already.What a precious idea the mummy pumpkin is. The boys are going to love every minute of it. Jameson looks wonderful and Praise the Lord for the weight gain.This has been a special scripture for me through the years. Psalm 34:17-18(The righteous cry out and the Lords hears,And delivers them out of all their troubles,(THE LORD IS NEAR TO THOSE WHO HAVE A BROKEN HEART.)
We love you
Glen and Debbie

Faith Grosshans said...

This is why you are one of my heros. Oh how many times can I tell you thanks! I dont think I have said it enough!
P.S you dont know how excited I was to finally meet you in person.
With all my heart,

setsma said...

Darling pictures! I just love you and all your boys - that includes Todd, of course. :o) I can't wait to meet Jameson in person. Not sure yet if we'll be down this winter or not as we now have the Montana pull.

Much love and many hugs,
Aunt Lynn

QOET said...

Hope things are going well! We watch for updates daily and pray for you daily too. The mummies are darling!

Melanie said...

you have shown such amazing character and I love hearing your heart.
and I melted when i saw the bandaged pumpkin, cutest thing ever, but not cuter than your boys.