Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Oh my what an action packed last couple of days. On Tuesday night, we had to call 911. Jameson has had some upper respiratory problems within the last 4 or 5 weeks. Todd and I have been dressed and ready to go, 3 times in the past month, to take Jameson to the hospital. Jameson's breathing would get better and we would thank Jesus because we did not have to go to the hospital. Well...on Tuesday his breathing never got better only worse. He was really struggling to breath. My parents had left and Todd and I had no other choice but to call 911. I stayed home with the boys and Todd went to the hospital with Jameson. Jameson received a breathing treatment for 2 hours and a steroid before he had any relief. Jameson was admitted and stayed overnight. We were released around 5 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. We were very thankful that Jameson recovered so quickly and that we had AMAZING doctors. We are always encouraged going into the hospital....God shows us that He always goes before us. Our worries are great but our GOD is GREATER!!

We have told you guys about our concerns with Jameson's eating. We now are working with a nutritionist. She is wonderful. Her commitment to helping us and Jameson is just another way God is showing us that He so in control of our situation. We pray that Jameson will grow and we will avoid a feeding tube. Our worries are great but our GOD is GREATER!!!!

Just an update about our friends. Gracyn is now alert and awaiting a new heart. She did not have a virus that attacked her heart. She was born with a genetically bad heart. The doctors said that this condition typically takes children before the age of 5 years old. Gracyn is 9 and has had no complications until now. Please pray for the family that will loose their child to give Graycn a heart. Also, pray that she will continue to improve and be healthy when a heart comes available.

We love you all!


Sara said...

You about gave me a heart attack! I had just seen you earlier in the day. I am so glad he is ok. But very scary though. I will never forget the ambulance ride I took with Garrett. I hope Jameson has no more breathing issues!

Chuck and Tammy said...

The hospital is never a fun place with a little one...especially one so small! You are so right...God is Great!!! We serve an amazing God. We love you guys and miss you. We will continue to pray for Jameson and the rest of the family with a little extra for you. We will also continue to pray for your friends little girl.
Chuck and Tammy

Sara said...


I just sent you this in a text as well, but the Dr. I mentioned on the phone is at the Nemours Clinic here in Orlando!

Stacey said...

That must be why you were on my heart that evening! So grateful he is doing better. I am holding you in prayer and praying every day for healing and the Lord to give you a strength that is not of yourself!

erin and britt said...

Todd and Melisa-
You both are awesome and amazing. All of us are praying and hoping to be an encouragement to you and just the opposite is happening--you are an encouragement to us. Thanks for sharing your struggles and your praises. We continue to lift your whole family up in prayer. I'll be calling you soon.

Dial Family said...

I am so glad that he is better now and that this stay was a short one! You know I am an expert on breathing treatments and streroids...ha,ha! Call me if you need anything. I am here anytime.

I was looking over our prayer requests from 2007. Yours was to live in the provision God gives. Wow. I am so inspired to see you living in what the Lord is providing and working day by day as unto Him. You are an amazing family.

Know that you are loved and prayed for!


The Newsomes said...

I miss you Jameson and will see you on Thursday....can't wait to see your cute smile =)

I love you,
Ms. Amy