Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gaining weight

Jameson has gained 12 oz. in 3 weeks. We are very encouraged by this weight gain. He is not crazy about eating, but he continues to amaze us when he eats 1 or 2 extra oz. Really that is all we need...a couple of extra oz. a day. We just need Jameson to increase his intake. We are definitely taking baby steps, but we will take anything we can. Jameson should be taking in about 30 to 32 oz. a day and he will eat on a good day 24 to 26 oz. Please continue to pray for Jameson to increase his caloric intake and also enjoy eating cereal.

Jameson is a very happy baby. He smiles and sits up(with assistance). Nicholas and Zachary love him bunches. Jameson will open his mouth to kiss the boys all of the time. They will walk past Jameson and he will open his mouth for them to give him a kiss. His eyes light up when he sees his brothers....there is nothing like a smile and kiss from Jameson.

I am truly learning to be content in all circumstances. Contentment is knowing that everything that life brings my way come through the hands of the Almighty God. I know that when Jameson has a day when his breathing is bad...God knows and His hand has allowed it. I know that when there are more blisters than good skin....God knows and His hand has allowed it. NOT one thing that happens goes unseen by a Mighty God. What a confidence I can have going through life with a child with a skin disease...God knows and His hand has allowed it.

We love you all! Please continue to pray for NO MORE BLISTERS and Jameson's growth. Thank you Jesus for all of those who pray for us. We WILL give you the glory for GREAT things You have done!



Sara said...

YIIPPIE on the weight gain!! WAY TO GO JAMESON!!!

Melisa let me know if you still want to order girl scout cookies. Sami has to turn her order in on the 22nd of this month.

I am glad things are going a little better.

Hage Family said...

Awesome news Melissa girl! So happy for the small things, and looking forward to the BIG things God is going to do in little Jameson's life, as well as your other boys too!

Susan said...

Hey Setsma's,
Every time I read this blog it is a testimony of what an AWESOME GOD we serve.I am so happy that Jameson is gaining weight and doing better with eating. I pray for less and less blistering. I told your dad this morning "just wait, one day he will be healed by an Almighty GOD." What an awesome day that will be!! I pray daily for you, Melisa for renewed strenght to get through each day a little easier..Our church is still looking forward for the day they get to meet THE SETSMAS.
Love you,

Debbie Rector said...

We are so glad to hear Jameson is eating a little more and gaining weight.It's so awesome that even at a young age he can show his love for those precious older brothers.They truly will have a major impact on his life.You are such an encouragement to all of us in helping us remember that everything that happens in our lives God allows.Our love to you all and our continued prayers.
Glen and Debbie

markj32 said...


I talked to Todd last week and am so excited for Jamison and his journey! God is in charge as you know and has the perfect parents and siblings to love him..........I am praying daily for Jamison and miss you guys so much. Love you and God Bless,

Mark Jensen

setsma said...

Great news! We are looking forward to meeting Jameson. We are coming down! We are flying into Orlando on Feb. 24 so will call and figure out when we can see you.

We love you!!!

Uncle Dave & Aunt Lynn

Gale Alexander said...

I am the grandmother of Ella Murray who was born with EB 19 months ago. I am also friend of Brandi and David Lorenz. Like you, our family has been on quite a journey, and can testify to God's continuing grace. I was so happy to see a picture of Jameson. I have prayed for him and his family since his birth. Those big blue eyes tell the whole story of faith and hope.