Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb 24,2009

Today was much like yesterday. Not much has changed with our baby boy. He is still stable and still on the ventilator. The doctors took Jameson off the paralyzing drug and he has tolerated it very well. The next step will be to gradually take him off the ventilator. This may take days but this is top priority to help with Jameson's recovery. The longer he is on the ventilator the more complications arise. They did another x-ray on his chest and there were no improvements today. But since we have been in the hospital his chest x-ray have improved alot. We are amazed with the high level of care that they are giving our baby. The nurses and doctors are supportive and encouraging us to not give up hope. The doctors are always 10 steps ahead of us and are prepared for each hurdle we have faced. I thank Jesus for such an amazing group of doctors and nurses who want only the best for our baby. Jameson is not conscious nor has he opened his eyes for days...I can only believe that Jesus is being his comforter and He is singing sweet lullabies to Him. When Todd and I cannot be mommy and daddy to Baby Jameson; Jesus is Jameson's all and all. "In our weaknesses, He is strong!"

Thank you for all of your prayers...God is faithful.



Sara said...

Well maybe the doctors and nurses at that hospital have finally learned how to care for a baby with EB! I am happy he is stable still and hopefully will be off the vent soon! As always, we are thinking and praying for you.


Patricia said...

I am a church friend of Cheryl and want you to know that I follow your blog and pray much for you and your precious baby. I trust today will be a much better day for you all. Much love to you, Tricia Wilson

Shelley said...

I have been following your blog (I'm a friend of a friend). I can tell you are a remarkable mother and Jameson is so blessed to have you. My family and I are praying for his recovery. What a precious little boy you have been blessed with.

Chuck and Tammy said...

As I sit at the computer, with tears running down my face, I am reminded to take advantage of the little things...those hugs, kisses etc that I can so freely give to my children. I am praying for you and your family continually. I pray for peace, strength and rest for you and Todd. I pray that God will guide the MD's and nurses hands. I also pray for Mr OD and Mrs Faye as they care for Nicholas and Zachary. We love you guys!!!

Chuck and Tammy

My mom and dad send their love and prayers.

rebecca said...

Todd, Melisa, & Family,
We are thinking of you and praying without ceasing for God's perfect will and mercy.
The McKees

Tracy said...

Amen, God is faithful. We are still praying up here in Georgia!

Ericksons said...

You may never know what a difference your witness for Jesus makes in the lives of those who care for Jameson and come into contact with you in that hospital. We will continue to lift you up in prayer.
Jen, Mike, & girls

Kerri Soltysik said...

I am friends with Tania and just read all your blogs and am drenched with tears. You are such a Godly family. Your strength and courage amaze me. I will be praying for your precious son constantly. I am so excited for the day that your precious baby boy will open his eyes and look at you. God Bless you!


My heart aches with pain, but with thankfulness at your strength that is an example for all of us...God is amazing!!!! I pray for that strength to continue and that Jesus is real from the minute you wake till you sleep. And yes, God is comforting and singing to Jameson b/c we know He cares for the weak. Thank You for your updates and continued example in trusting Christ despite not understanding Him all the time. We love you-Scott, Dacia and kids