Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13th, 2009

What an Easter! This Easter was much different than any other Easter we can remember in our 36 years of life (I turned 36 on April 1st - Melisa is actually 37 but don't tell her I shared her little secret - let's just keep that between us).

We have written in the past about God knowing exactly how we felt when Jameson passed away and this year we felt an unbelievable closeness to our Lord as a result. It's hard to put into words really...let me put it this way. We praise God for teaching us from His mountain top and not letting us walk through the valley of death! We have feared no evil because His rod and His staff have comforted us. We say it's a mountain top experience because we have been blown away by what God has taught us, revealed to us, trusted us with, how He has comforted us, and the list goes on and on. He has taught us more about Himself in the death of our son than we could have learned in our life-time. He has made it so clear that it's because He gave up His son for us that our precious baby Jameson is in heaven today sitting in Jesus' lap. What a glorious picture of our loving God.

Giving thanks in all things is not always easy, but it's a command. When we truly praise Him in all things He reveals things to us that we would never have learned otherwise. We believe that all of you that have been prayer warriors for us the past 9 months (he would have been 9 months today) have an idea of what we're trying to convey. Your pain runs deep for sure, but God's says take heart I have overcome the world. He has overcome death and we fear no more. Hallelujah! Ask God for His wisdom and He will share it with you. He will give you the peace that passes all understanding and an understanding that can't be explained by worldly wisdom. We can't praise Him on our own. Ask Him for the Spirit of praise. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Don't let the rocks, that don't have breath, out praise you! God is so good!!!

Shifting gears a little bit...please pray for Melisa. She's up in Wisconsin right now spending time with Paul, Jen, Lily and Layla Nick. Layla was born on Jan. 20th with Simplex Dowling Meara, the same type of EB that Jameson had. God put it on our hearts to help others and that's exactly what we intend to do. Melisa arrived this afternoon and is having the time of her life. The Nick's are precious people. Layla's Caring Bridge page is
I know they would cherish your prayers and encouragement in this difficult time. Take a minute and write a note if you can. We will update you more as the information of the trip unfolds.

We are going to throw a party like no other sometime in early summer. My father-in-law is going to cook an entire pig and a rotisserie. Everyone is invited. We will get you more information when we have picked a date. We just want to say thank you to all of you and shake your hand and hug your neck - so you better be there. You know who you are! May 9th was going to be the day, but it's Mother's Day weekend and our feeling is that to many people would be out of town that weekend??? What do you think?

Thank you for all your love for us. We praise God for each of you.

In Christ,


Sara said...

Sami has a girl scout outing on May 9th, but we'd find the time to stop by for the party:)

I am a little speechless as to Melisa trip. I just spoke with her on Thursday and she never said a word! I hope she has a good and safe trip.

Stacey said...

I am thinking of a BLC Verse: 2 Cor. 1:4 - Who comforts us in all our affliction so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God." What a beautiful picture you are both being of the comfort of Christ!

setsma said...

We love how God is using you through Jameson. To feel God's love and grace so profoundly is a gift beyond compare.

We love you!!!
U. Dave & A. Lynn

jennifer said...

wow, that is great to hear how God is working in your lives. We still keep praying for you all!! Thanks for sharing as always!

rebecca said...

Hi guys! We'd love to come to your pig party! That sounds awesome! As a matter of fact, we had a cookout a couple of weeks ago with about 10-15 families and we discussed doing that very thing! Count us in. We are available whenever you decide to have it. I heard about Melisa's trip from Robin. I am so impressed with her ability to not waste any time sharing what God has blessed her with; the ability to help and comfort others.We will check out Layla's Caring Bridge site and pray for the family.
Rebecca McKee & Family

Steffi&Dirk said...

My dearest friend,

when I read your words, they went straight into my heart. You are so....( dictionary ) insightful when describing. You are a GREAT husband, daddy...friend. Sorry we cannot come to your party, but...:o)

Embrace you, Melisa and the boys. We miss you. You are always in our hearts and prays.
We LOVE you!!!

Debbie Rector said...

Dear Melisa,
What an impact you made on the Nick family and what a true sign of God's love and "paying it forward"! You and Todd have touched so many lives through Jamesons journey and God has definitely used his short time here on earth to encouraged others that may have different circumstances in their lives. Melisa thank you for allowing God to use you after such a difficult time in your life.You are and always will be one special young lady with a huge heart.Hope the boys are doing well and enjoying baseball season.Mr.OD keeps us up on those special grandsons.
Love Glen and Debbie

Ericksons said...

I keep thinking about you all and so I came back to visit the blog. I was so encouraged to read your last two entries. I know that there is really little we can do for you but we continue to pray for your comfort and peace. Please let us know of any needs for you or the boys. Although we have never lost a child other than the miscarriage, we are no strangers to loss of loved ones. We are here for you in whatever way we can be.

Melanie said...

i was just trying to explain to my boys the other day about how we need to praise the Lord or the rocks will cry out.
Thank you for not keeping this life changing experience for yourselves, but allowing God to bless and help others through your willingness to share your story.
We would love to join the cookout if that is ok

jennifer said...

just thinking of you all and praying for you.

Toby said...

Hi There-
I was thinking of you all and wanted to share two poems written recently by bereavement author Sherokee Ilse. For moms and dads who have had a baby die.
With affection,
Lori Martini
Mother to my angel baby, Bryce Neily Martini.
Father’s Day
Dad, you support mom along the way
Waiting for the time and day
When you can hold your son
And you can finally be the one
To toss your babe above your head
And tuck him in his waiting bed
Make a toy or buy a drum
Your time was near, but did not come.

Who knew you would be standing nigh
And have to prematurely say goodbye?

This day is yours and yet it’s not
Others don’t see the many tears you fought.
To hold within and look so strong
As you tried to say nothing wrong.

On this your special Father’s Day
Remember your baby who would want to say,
“I love you Dad. You are the one.
I’ll always be your son.
Feel my kiss upon your cheek
And know that someday I believe we’ll meet.
Until then, let your tears come,
And love my mommy and brothers lots and tons.”

Mothers Remembered
As you recall,
Your womb cradled your baby gently,
Your arms embraced your baby lovingly,
And your own mom carried you excitedly.
Remember the beauty of this unending circle of love.
You are always a mom, loved by a mom.
Separation and death can’t break it.
This bond and love endures,
Forever and always.
Moms remember.
Moms are to be remembered.
It is the only way.
The right way.
God’s way.

Remember, mom, remember.

As Mother and Father's Day approach, I do hope you will make special plans and let people know what would help you. You will likely experience tenderness in your hearts and a bittersweet feeling. You are the parents of EACH of your children, whether they are alive or not. Your love will always shine for them!!!

Peace be with your whole family.
Very Sincerely,
Lori Martini

K. Dial said...

Melisa, You were on my heart all weekend this mother's day. I know you missed your baby, even I was missing him this weekend! I pray that the knowledge that you will one day hold him again will be of comfort to you this week. You are loved and prayed for!

circus of love said...

The Setsma's pop into my mind often and I thought I would check on here and see how ya'll are doing. I praised God with John when he told me about Melisa's trip. You guys are truly amazing!!! Such an amazing testimony about how God can use those that are willing no matter the situation! We all love all of you.
Every now and then, in our family prayers, Cheney prays for Baby Jameson to have a good time in heaven. So just in case there was any doubt about it...she's got it covered. :)

Lori and Daniel said...

Todd and Melisa,
It has been long time since I have come on your blog. I had you all on my mind today and sat down to pray for your family. Melisa, it was so good to see you at the children's end-of-the-year celebration. It was great to be able to give you a hug. I think about you all often. You all are loved dearly by so many people. God has blessed my by knowing you.

Lori Martini said...

Dear Setsma Family-
I just wanted you all to know that I am thinking of your family on this very special day of remembrance.
This is the day that sweet Jameson was born and will never be forgotten.
I pray you all are doing okay (or as well as can be expected.)
We all wish Jameson could be here physically, but do know that he is near in spirit.
Wishing you all a beautiful day of remembering, loving and celebrating Jameson.
Healing Wishes,
Lori Martini

Mark Setsma said...

Still miss you daily litte buddy. I love you.

Uncle Mark

Jessica P said...

I am speechless. I had just found out about your ever so beautiful little boy this past week and my heart is so heavy for you both. I came across a quote by my most beloved author Beth Moore and thought it quite fitting to write. So here goes. " God has promised that His grace will be given according to our need and that not only will we survive by the skin of our teeth, if we trust Him and hang on to HIm for dear life-grieving, yes, but as those who have hope-we will also thrive again. We can give ourselves to something greater than painlessness. We can give ourselves to purpose. If we cooperate, good will indeed come to us and others around us, and glory will most assuredly come to God. Otherwise, He would have forbidden the tragedy. Those of us who are in Christ will also spend eternity with the loved ones who have shared our faith, and this life will seem like a vapor in comparison." Your blog shows your love for your love son and your ever growing love for God. Stay in encouraged by dear friends. You are an inspiration to so many..

Heidi Brown said...

Todd and Melisa,
My husband Steve and I sat with you at the Life for Kids fundraiser recently. I spoke with Todd at church on Sunday after Zachary made me aware that he had a baby brother who passed away. (I was teaching 4th grade and getting to know the kids) After speaking to Todd in the lobby after church, I googled EP at his suggestion. I then decided to google your family to see if there was a blog or any information on your baby boy and I found this blog. Yesterday, I sat down and read every single post. I cried tears as though I had gone through this personally. It broke my heart. It also encouraged me to see your faith grow through the test placed before you. I don't understand why God allows some of us to walk certain roads in this life but I can tell that you are a family who has glorified Him in the darkest of circumstances and I wanted you to know that you are an inspiration. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your beautiful son. He was an adorable little guy. His eyes and those cheeks! Oh, how you must miss him. I miss him for you. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as the anniversary of his going home to Jesus approaches. His life is still touching others and will never be forgotten. Thank you for making this blog public so I could grieve with you, be inspired by you and pray for you. I hope our friendship grows as we fellowship together at church.
Love, Heidi Brown