Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 11 in the NICU

Jameson had a good day today. He had only 2 new blisters and new skin is growing. Thank you for all of your prayers. Dr. Knipe (the dermatologist) spoke with Dr. Lucky, the specialist in Cincinnati, she advised us to go to Miami. That is good news because it is soooo much closer to home. We will know in the next couple of days when we will be heading down to Miami. We are not sure when they are going to release Jameson. Please pray that Jameson stays healthy and strong. He is such a cute little guy with a fiery personality like his Dad (ha-ha). He will definitely let you know when he is not happy with you.

Todd and I really want to thank everyone for the encouraging comments. We look forward to reading them every night when we get home from the hospital. Your support has helped us get through such hard times and we cannot say thank you enough. Please continue to pray for a miracle for Jameson. God can, if HE wills, completely heal Jameson's skin. There is NOTHING our God cannot do for you and Jameson.


Sara said...

Melissa and Todd:

I am the women that lives here in Orlando and has EB as does my almost 6 year old daughter. Robin and I have spoken a couple of times already. I know she gave you my number but I do know you are busy, tired and overshelmed, but please call sometime. i'd love to talk to you. I also have some wound care supplies i'd be happy to share to help Jameson's skin heal a little faster. I am glad he is doing better and I really hope he get's to come home soon.

I have some tips that will make your trip to Miami a little easier on Jameson. EB and long car rides don't mix too well.

Take care
Sara Denslaw

Heather said...

Dear Melisa and Todd,

David and I promise to continue in our prayers for you as you journey through this life...Praise GOD for this BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT little miracle in Jameson! Although we are all concerned for his good health, I am reminded of what a dear friend told me one time: "If you worry, don't pray...if you pray, don't worry." It is obvious that you have many friends and family lifting you up to the Throne of Grace requesting for complete healing of little Jameson's body, and God has promised us that He hears our every prayer and request. I pray that HE is your comfort and strength and refuge...and just to quote YOU, my sweet Melisa, remember and BELIEVE that YOU said, "You know, the thing is, I think we are always meant to live this dependent on the Lord." I believe you are right with all my heart. When we surrender to HIM completely, even when we don't understand, we can still be "OK" because we know we are in HIS HIS LOVING AND MERCIFUL, COMPASSIONATE CARE!

I am praying specifically, that the Lord will be GLORIFIED when HE turns this skin disease into something you no longer have to "worry" about...that HE COMPLETELY HEALS little Jameson's skin and all the effects of the disease, and pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Jehovah-Rapha--the Lord who HEALS. "God has provided the final cure for spiritual, physical, and emotional sickness in Jesus Christ...God can heal us".

WE LOVE YOU ALL...keep the faith!
Isaiah 38

David and Heather Wise

Tiffany said...

Todd & Melissa,

Our words seem so few at this time but we wanted you to know that we continue to pray daily for all of you! We pray that our God gives you strength and courage, the He keeps infection away from Jameson and begins to heal his skin, We pray that Mark, Tania and your parents have the strength to carry you in these times. I wish that we could do something more for you all. I know in my heart, that more than anything you need we will continue to pray night and day for you!! We are here for you guys. Please call if you need ANYTHING at all!

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.
1 Corinthians 16:13

All our Love,
Dale & Tiffany

Jay Calvert said...

Mark. Don't work too hard. I'm not sure a better picture exists.
This is the light moment of the day.
Love you guys.

Matthew said...

Setsma family,

I wanted to let you know we are praying for you and complete healing for baby Jameson.

Matt & Kathleen Dial

teamdavis said...

Melisa, Todd and boys, we are so thankful that God gave Jameson the family that he did. That little boy could not have better parents. While we can't walk this road for you, please know that we will continue to walk it with you in our daily prayers to GOD Almighty.

We love you all and can't wait to see Jameson come home.

The Davis'

wendi norris said...

Melissa! I can't beleive that it is you! I got a prayer request from Hilda and I had no idea that you two were related. I have wondered SO MANY times how you were and what you were doing. I had no idea how to even find you.
The last time I saw you was at Red Bone Alley where you told me that you had accepted Christ! It thrills me to see that you are walking strong with the Lord. We are praising the Lord for little Jamison (cool name by the way) and praying for healing. I also am praying for your family. I could cry I am so happy to see you!
Love, Wendi (Fields) Norris

Kathleen said...

Jameson is a wonderful and perfect gift from above! I can't wait to love on him. We are praying for you everyday and will rejoice with you when your family is all together...Find your rest in his shadow. I love ya,

Mark and Melanie said...

Dear Todd and Melisa,

Please know that we are in constant prayer for your family. The Lord has big plans for your family. I know that is hard to see clearly, but He does. We, your family, will stand in the gap for you. We can hold up your arms when you become weary. There are lots of us, so we won't let your arms fall. We love you!!

Mark and Melanie

davidellis@google.comjects said...

Todd and Melissa,

I spoke with Mark tonight and he gave me the full update on Jamison's health. I want you to know that I'm thinking about you guys and will be praying for Jamison's health. If there is anything I can do please let me know. I hope to talk with you guys at some point soon.

David Ellis

Susan said...

Melisa and Todd,

Wow, what a handsome boy you two have.Melisa,Jameson looks so much like you when you were born.

We know you are going through some hard times now,and our prayers are with all of you.Our GOD is an Awesome GOD!!!!!!!!and HE is still in the miracle business..He knew the right parents to give Jameson to.We all know you and Todd are special parents to three precious children..After reading your first blog and seeing how strong your faith is has been an inspiration to us all..
We don't always understand and sometimes we have questions, but GOD knows what he is doing and HE will see you through..We can't be there for you, but our hearts, thoughts and most of all our prayers are with you all.. Just know that 3/4 of the people of Florence/Darlington/Timmonsville,SC are praying for little Jameson and the family..May GOD continue to bless you and we will continue to lift you guys up in prayer.

We love you,
Aunt Carolyn,Sandra,Susan and Bonnie,Michael,James and Hannah

nlrayess said...

Todd and Melissa,
Praying for you. So sorry that your family is going through this trial. I know that God can heal your little boy. Be encouraged that there are many praying for your family.
God Bless,
Najwa Rayess Knox
(from LU, old friend of Mark and Tania)

Tim said...

Yes, we too will be praying for Jameson and all of you.
Will bookmark your blog and stay updated.

God's grace and strength to you,
Tim & Susan Ghali
(friends of Mark and Tania also).

tiffany said...

Melissa and Todd,

Know that I am praying for you! Please let me know if you need anything!


brad bochette said...

Melisa, Todd and Boys,

We are thinking and praying for you all. What an awesome testimony you are showing during this difficult time. I hope to see you all in Florence sometime soon. We love you.

Brad and Cathi Bochette and Girls

Hilda said...

Hi Melissa, Todd & Boys,
This is a wonderful site you all have created. We continue to pray for God's healing and for "new skin" for Jameson. You are all in our thoughts and prayers continually. I know this has been a real challenge for you and your family but it certainly sounds like you are strong and are holding up under the stress. We love you and will continue to pray for healing and strength for you.


Megan said...

Hey Setsmas!

I had a great time with you at dinner the other night. I also had lots of fun with nicholas at the beach. (He was such a good sport) Jameson is so adorable! I pray your trip to Miami is safe and the car ride is smooth. I love you guys.
Lots of love,