Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Monday, July 28, 2008


What a day. When we arrived at Dr. Connelly's office she took one look at Jameson (and the fear in our eyes) and admitted us into the NICU at Jackson Memorial Hospital. She and her entire staff are awesome. She wanted to monitor Jameson for a couple days and make sure Melisa and I were totally comfortable with wound care before we went back to Orlando.

Wound care was really hard on Jameson today. He screamed for a couple hours. We know tomorrow will be much better. Being the optimist that we are...we did learn some good information on cleaning his little bottom (the rawest part of his body). If we can learn one good tip or trick a day we will be way ahead of the curve.

One of the leading EB specialist's in the country will be meeting with us Tuesday. To my knowledge he is the first Doctor to perform skin graph to an EB patient.

We will keep you updated as things unfold. We are so grateful and humbled by all of your prayers and support.

Todd and Melisa


Sara said...


Wow, I wasn't expecting her to admit him. The hospital is the worst place for an EB baby. If you have time tomorrow, please call me. I am sure you'll be in the NICU alot and can't answer your phone, so just give me a call when/if you have time. I have some info on skin graph's i'd like to share. Or if it's easier to email, my email is

circus of love said...

We are so thankful you are receiving the support you need from the doctors. We will pray for your brains to absorb more than you ever thought possible and a an amazing dose of wisdom beyond human explanation for the doctors!!!

Lynn said...

Hey Sweetie Pie! You know you are in our thoughts and prayers all the time. It is so great to be able to stay in touch through this blog. We pray for good care and more help with today's meetings.

We love you!!!
Aunt Lynn & Uncle Dave

Phil Setsma said...

Todd and Melisa - am praying that you have a better day today and that the nurses and doctors really find a way to help you in your care of that precious little guy. We at home are doing fine, and still praying for a miracle.
Love you all very much, and know you're the best parents in the world.

erin and britt said...

Hey guys. Your kids are freaking adorable! Zachary is really turning into a little Melisa (a very masculine one of course!) We've been praying for your time in Miami - hope you will get lots of good news and advice. Can't imagine all that is going on in your much to take in on top of having a newborn. We will be in Orlando Aug. 7 - 11 so if you are back, we would love to get a peek at the new baby and hug your necks. No pressure, we know you have no idea what you'll be doing then - just thought I'd put it out there as a possibility. We love you all so very much. Erin, Britt, and crew

Bobbie said...

Todd and Melisa,
Erin told me you take time to read comments, so just a short note to let you know how many in the "Price Family" are praying for you. Also, all the children remember "Baby Jameson" at every prayer time. We love you and will continue to lift you up to the God of grace, strength, power and mercy. Bobbie and Floyd Price

The Wagner Family said...

I've been praying for you guys since Kim F. told us about your sweet baby 2 weeks ago. He's adorable.

Just know you've got a whole lot of people ready and willing to jump in and help whenever and wherever you need us.

Hage Family said...

Hey Todd and Melisa,

Just wanted to let you know that I have been diligently praying for you all and precious Jameson! If I can help out in any way, including taking the boys for an afternoon, day, week, you name it, we'd love to have them!