Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mar 1, 2009

Where do I begin.....the last 2 days have been an emotional roller coaster for Todd and me. Jameson is still on the ventilator. His swelling has gone down and now it is a balancing game of trying to keep all of his fluids normal. The doctors and nurses are really getting a full days work with our baby. He is just a little high maintenance =). Needless to say, we have really connected with all of our nurses and they have become our friends. The doctors are concerned about brain trauma and at 4 or 5 on Monday morning he will have a MRI of his brain. This will answer a lot of our questions. Someone prayed today that none of this has surprised God and that He has gone before us and has prepared us for the results. We know that fear does not come from please pray that we will not be fearful of the results of the MRI. God WILL only give us His best and there is a comfort in knowing this is God's will for our lives.

I was once asked a very hard question....and the question was this. If God did not do one more thing for me or if He did not answer one more prayer...Has God done enough? I was torn. But ultimately my answer was yes. God does NOT need to answer one more prayer or do one more thing for me....He has done it ALL when He gave me His only Son.....Jesus Christ!!! That was enough.

Thanks for your prayers.



J'Aime said...

I will pray that He answers every one of your prayers for Jameson's recovery and that your sweet baby boy will not be in pain.

The Newsomes said...

We are so thankful that we could worship with you, cry with you and pray with you today. Just know we will walk through this with you every day and are so thankful that Jesus is always ahead of us...clearing and preparing the way for sweet little Jameson. We love you!!

Kim said...

Todd & Melisa,
It was great to see you guys today in church and hug and pray with you. I will continue to pray for my little buddy and for strength and peace for you both as you await the test results. Let Jesus walk with you and carry you when you need it. Know also that we are here for you whatever you need.
Love you,

sntgrimes said...

We are praying for you guys. We love you, and know that we will walk with you through this trial. God is good, and He will be glorified!

erin and britt said...

Thinking about you with the test results today...God has Jameson in His hands. And you guys too. We love you so much, Erin

Simba9960 said...

Melisa & Todd-

I’ve been following little Jameson’s story since the moment we met. Even though I haven’t left a message for you guys in a while please know that you all – including Mr. Jameson – has been on my mind and in my prayers! Please know that if there is anything you guys need do not hesitate to give me a call. If anything else I can just listen and understand part of your worries in dealing w/EB.

All my love, prayers and positive thoughts!


dbtech said...

I just want to let you know, you are in our prayers, our churches prayers, everyone's. We love you guys very much. Much love. Melissa, & Dave

Melanie said...

We are praying for your sweet baby and we love you guys

Circleoftrust said...

there are no words left for me. He is a beautiful little guy I am placing before Jesus this day. Thanks for sharing him with me

Geraldine said...

Please let me know if there is anything I can do.
Best regards,
Geri Kelly

Ericksons said...

We continue to pray for Jameson. I hope his tests today went well and that he will strengthen each day. Let us know if you need anything at all.

rebecca said...

Todd & Melisa,
We think about you all the time and continue to lift you ALL up in prayer. It was good seeing you in church yesterday. When I saw the two of you walking down the stairs I thought how incredible it is that when life is so hard, there is no better place to be than in the presence of the Lord, worshipping and praying with our brothers and sisters in Christ. How blessed we are to be a part of such a great family.
Love to you all,

qoet said...

Let us know how things went today. You've been in our prayers constantly!

HellenCrescenti said...

Todd and Melissa,

When I saw you on Sunday I was reminded at how Christ's light so beautifully radiates on your faces. I join many in not understanding why this is happening to you, but I do know that our Lord, creator of all things is with you through it. It is evident by simply looking at you. We are confidenly approaching the throne of grace and asking our Father to strengthen you and allow you to feel the embrace of His loving arms. You are being covered in prayer and are so loved.

Hellen and John Crescenti

Rebecca said...

Praying that all with Jameson's MRI came back clear Monday!
My eyes are full of tears and I sit here in awe to see your faith literally carry you through your writings! I know our Savior is beaming to see your strength :)
Stay strong Melisa and Todd - praying for you all!!

Christine Van Dyk said...

We love you guys and pray without ceasing for your family. My prayer today has been only this, that God will be merciful to you, his dear children. Christine

Jennifer said...

Todd and Melisa,
I am lifting you up continuously in prayer. You are on our minds and our hearts ache for you, but I know that the Lord will comfort you with His strength. Much love from all of us, Jenni, Kenny, Savannah and Josh

gail said...

We continue to bring Jameson and your family before GOD. I find myself during the day thinking about Jameson and the entire family and lifting all of you up to him. (GOD)

The Karberg's
Warner Robins, Georgia

The Kenyons said...

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers everyday!!!
April (Phillips) Kenyon

Dan and Jen Grove said...

Wow! I just read your blog for the first time (cover to cover) after hearing about it on Gracyn's caringbridge site. I am a first cousin to Kris Den Besten. Just know a family you do not even know if lifting you up in prayer!

Andrea said...

Todd, Melissa - We continue to pray for your family for Jameson, for God's strength and provision for you and for the peace that is beyond our understanding that only God can give. Hold on.

Andrea Bain

GolfGuy said...

There are no words that we can say to give you comfort at this time. But there is someone who can. We will pray to Him for peace, comfort, strength, and everything you may need at this time. We love you guys so much and are so sorry. Love Bonnie & Charles

GolfGuy said...

I dont know you personally but I have been praying for your family and J.T. Just know that no matter how difficult that it may seem, He is with you every step of the way and he knows your pains and burdens, We dont know why things happen the way they do, for His ways are not ours. He never promised that it would be easy, but does promise that we can have peace and joy in the midst of the storm. My prayers are continually with your family. Stacy Putnam

Gretchen said...

Melisa and Todd,

I don't know what to say except that I am so sorry! I am personally struggling right now with the why's. All I can come to grips with is that He will meet you where you are and is crying with you as you grieve.

When we lost our baby boy Nicholas, God brought Psalm 56:8 to Kevin. It says, "You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in Your bottle. You have recorded each one of them in Your book." We just needed to know that He felt this with us. He does, and He has Jameson cradled, free of pain in His arms.

We love you,
Kevin and Gretchen Scoleri

heyweb3 said...

Todd and Melisa-
I am praying for your family. Your strength and faith is inspiring. Jameson could not have been delivered to a more perfect family. I am so sorry.

Jeanne said...

Todd and Melisa,
You are in our hearts and prayers always. Your strength and courage are an inspiration to everyone, you and Jameson have touched our lives in ways you will never know. We are so sorry. God bless you and bring you peace.
Our love, Jeanne and Marshall

Tes said...

My heart goes out to you and the family. We just heard about it.
Know that he is no longer in pain and that he is with the angels. Your all in our prayers.
Theresa Conklin
Grandmother to Dona age 21 with RDEB

wareaglereed said...
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Linnet said...

Todd and Melisa,

I have read and re-read your blog today! I will sit with my pastor and pray for you and the family.. I know all too well ALSO my daughter has it! I find myself asking why when we hear of a loss...

May Peace be with you!

With Love,
Linnet mom to
Kallista ebsdm9, Artie ebfree2, and Jerome ebfree12

Cramers, DeCamps and Coons said...

Hi Melisa and Todd. We've never met, but my husband Mike knows you, Todd from some ski trips. Mike gave me this website and I want you to know that many of us out here are praying for you all - and all the medical professionals you are dealing with. I forwarded the link to a lady at work who distributes daily verses and prayer requests...her list is about 79 people at present and many of them share the prayer requests with their own prayer groups. So please know that there is an army of unknown individuals lifting you all up in prayer. :-) Your faith and positive attitude inspire the rest of us. Thank you for sharing so openly. MJ Coon

Cramers, DeCamps and Coons said...

Whoops, Sorry about that. My last post said it was from "Cramers, DeCamps, and Coons"....that was left over from an old blog I did....I'm not very tech savvy and didn't realize that would follow me around.... I think I've changed it now. MJ

Judy Williams said...

God Bless the Setsma family. Big hugs and much love.