Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Pictures!

Just when you think that you have it all figured out something changes. Jameson is growing and the bandage sizes are changing. I am not complaining BUT I had the sizes of each bandage down to a science. He is definitely growing and getting older. He will now follow you and he really recognizes all of us. Especially his bother ,Zachary, who is very loud.

I had to cancel the Eco-cardiogram. I will reschedule this week and let you know how that goes. He had an infection and I thought it best not to take him into another Doctors office. When he has the Eco-cardiogram, I will need to unbandage his top half. That scares me. He has some open areas that would be exposed. And if he equipment is not very sterile Jameson could pick up another infection. I am definitely a germ freak now (I never was before). Pray that the Doctor does not hear a murmur and we will not need to have the test.

"...I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us." Phil. 3:13-14 I love these verses.... what a race we all run. I pray that I run my race well.



circus of love said...

He is sooo beautiful!!! Look at that pudgy face. I love all the new pictures. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to show the kids tomorrow.

Hilda said...

I love the pictures!!! These were very encouraging pictures... Jameson has a beautiful little baby face...The whole family is gorgeous. We continue to pray for your family as well as the heart murmur and complete skin healing.
Love you,

Jimbo and Suz said...

Hello Setsma Family,
Your family picture was such a blessing this morning. You are all in our daily thoughts and prayers. Little Jameson is such a blessing and we are encouraged on his daily progress. We love and miss you all. In His Grip, Jim, Susan, Justin, Leah, Chase and Jocy, Mohrig

Debbie Rector said...

jameson is getting so big and I know you are going to think I'm crazy but I look at his smiling picture and see Mr. OD and that is a compliment. You have a beautiful family and I love all the smiles. You and Todd continue to encourage all of us and you are running the race well. We pray the dr. hears no heart murmur and that Jamesoh's skin continues to heal on a daily basis.
Love Glen and Debbie

Sara said...


I asked around the EB community about Eco-cardiograms. Everyone that's had one hand no problems from the procedure. And I got quite a few suggestions and tips.

1) call and find out EXACTLY what they will be doing. Find out if its just an ultra sound of his heart, or if they will need to check his heart rate using EKG leads. If they do call me and i'll give you some suggestions on what to do for those.

2) request the first appointment of the day so that no one has used the equipment before Jameson. Also STRESS the importance of sterilizing the equipment.

3) request that they use EXTRA jelly during the procedure so that the wand doesn't stick to his skin at all.

4) some mentioned that their child was sedated for the procedure. just an oral one, probably versed. Jameson possible had that before his hernia surgery. It might help if you don't expect him to be too cooperative.

That's all I can think of now. If I remember anything else i'll give you a call.

Good luck!


NiNi said...

Hi, it's NiNi.
When Baby Jamerson was born, as you know I was still in Florida with Cindy and the girls. I immediately called my Sunday School prayer chain and keep the updated almost daily the month of JUly. The first Sunday back in Dallas and at church, I could not believe the number of people that greated me with , how is Baby Jameson - I pray for him everday.They share scriptures, words of encouragment and the love of The Lord for this precios baby they have never seen. In fact one lady greates me every Sunday with "Baby Jameson is healed by the Blood of The Lamb."
Thank you for blog it keeps us so well informed.
We are holding your precious family up before The Lord.
Prayers and Love from Dallas,
NiNi and Key

Dial Family said...

Oh, he is so adorable and I am so encouraged by the pictures. God is doing an amazing work in your life and he will do amazing things through the life of Jameson, and all the Setsma boys.

You remain in our prayers. We love you guys!

msmaine18 said...

Hey Melissa,
I just read about the Echo. Patrick just had one done yesterday. Who are you guys going to? I really really liked the tech that worked with Patrick. If you are going to the group that is around the corner from WP, it is probably where we are/will be going. I can find out the tech's name for you.
So glad to see Jameson smile. William does the same little half smile and it melts my heart. William had his first Dr. appt today and it went well. Patrick is still in WP but I think I am starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Email me some time when you have a sec...I know with three kids, you might not have more than that!

Karen Jacobson

Stacey said...

He is soooooo cute!

fitznelsons said...

Hello Setsma Family:

I was finally able to find your blogspot, and see Jameson. He is absolutely adorable, and your family looks awesome. God is doing amazing things with your life through this little baby. Your situation has been a witness to me, and a reminder that God is in total control.
Hope to see you soon.