Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday's are great

We love to go to church on Sunday's. Todd's mom or my parents stay home with Jameson. This makes Todd and I really happy because we love to worship as a family. Also, it is important for the boys to have our normal life and that includes church every Sunday. After a hard week, it is so needed to stand and enjoy corporate worship. To hear believers singing and praising the Lord always makes me remember what is really important. Life maybe hard but not hard for the One who is the in control of it all.

Jameson has had a great couple of days. He gets his days and nights confused every other day but that is a typical 8 week old baby. His incisions are looking really good. I will be glad to get the stitches out, hopefully on Tuesday. The bandage changes are still tough. He continues to have new blisters daily. There will be a day when God allows there to be one day without blisters and then 2 days and then 3 days .....and so forth. Or at least this is my prayer. You would not believe how brave and strong Jameson is during his bandage changes. He does have discomfort but he handle his disease so well. He knows when we walk into the bathroom what is about to take place. I was told ,early on, to have a place specifically for his bandages to be changed, and never do his bandages in his room. This could cause him to not want to go into that room. It is amazing how smart babies are.

Jameson has some really bad areas that are continuing to blister. Please pray for healing in these areas: back, stomach and ankles. His hands and feet are looking OK. Please pray for his range of motion and function. He always has his hands bandaged and I am not sure how he will be able to grab and hold on to things. His little ankles have been the weakest area to grow skin. Please pray that Jameson will walk and not have too much of a delay. All of these requests are important, but mostly, pray that Jameson will come to know Jesus at a very young age.

We got a new camera so we will have new pictures of Jameson soon!!!! (maybe tonight!)



Melanie said...

i love the family picture,
Melisa, how do you still manage to look so beautiful through all of this?
you might be able to make the picture more able to fit the page if when you upload it, you click on the box that says, shrink to fit.
Love you all,
melanie and mike

Sara said...

Melisa and Todd, I just wanted to say I love the new pictures and Jameson looks so much bigger!! You guys are doing a WONDERFUL job with him and with the EB. Keep up the good work!

The Newsomes said...

What an amazing picture! Your family is beautiful and perfect and we are so thankful to be your friends!!....always praying for you.

Chuck and Tammy said...

OK....More tears. It was so good to see you guys...Thanksgiving was so long ago. Melisa you look so beautiful and what handsome boys and of course husband you have. We continue to pray for you guys on a daily basis.

Love you guys!
Chuck and Tammy

Christine Van Dyk said...

As you requested, my prayer today is for Jameson to come to know, love and follow our Lord. The promise I claim on little Jameson's behalf is that God will "bless to a thousand generations those who love Him and are called according to His purposes." I am claiming that because of your love and faithfulness, Jameson is included in God's covenant family. My women's bible study prayed specifically for your famliy today. It was great to have your blog to know exactly what to bring before the Father. Thinking of you often, Christine

setsma said...

What a wonderful picture! You are a beautiful family and we love you all a bunch.

I'm so grateful for this blog so we can feel like we are involved in your lives.

May God's grace continue to give you strength for each day.

Aunt Lynn & Uncle Dave

circus of love said...

What a beautiful family!!! Jameson looks plump. I love those baby faces. 3 amazing boys!!! We love you guys sooooo much! I feel close to you even though I never see you. I lift you up often as the Lord brings you to mind. I am so glad to hear you all get out to church together. This morning, I was just wondering if you were able to get out Melisa.

Tracy said...

Wow, I thought Jameson was cute before, but to see him with no sores on his face was wonderful- that is a great picture of him. Glad to hear the surgery went well. I am still praying for you all. Pray Jameson feels better everyday.
God bless,
Tracy, RN :~)

Dial Family said...

He looks so adorable! What a great family picture. Thanks for taking the time to share it. I was so happy to see your face.

He looks like he has chubby little cheeks- how awesome! Can't wait to love on him.

Praying for you all everyday!

KToens said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family. Trusting God's best!!

Debbie Rector said...

Melisa you haven't changed a bit except we feel older. We can tell by the picture with your beautiful smile that you have a peace and understanding that can only come from God. What a true blessing God has bestowed upon you and Todd with those 3 wonderful boys. I know days get long and hard sometimes, but God really knew and made no mistake when He entrusted Jameson into yours and Todds hands to love and care for him. He looks awesome. We continue to pray daily and love you all.
Glen and Debbie

Michaela and Court said...

I love the family picture!