Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What an amazing life....

I am learning to live out the verse "Do all things without grumbling or complaining". Do I grumble and complain... YES. But the Lord is teaching me why I should not complain. There are far worse things others are going through than us. Our lives are different but we have the hope of God healing Jameson completely. When I think of how much our lives have changed, I step back and remember what it was like just 9 weeks ago...WOW, God has brought us VERY far. I told the Lord ,just after we had Jameson, "There had better be an amazing purpose for all of this pain". He has since answered me. I am learning more about my Lord and Savior because of a 10 week old baby. I see what he goes through in a day and he still smiles. He is one amazing little boy!!!!! I have no reason whatsoever to complain about one thing. We have received an amazing blessing....Jameson.

I am seeing an improvement in Jameson's skin within the last 3 days. Today, I changed his bandages and there was NO infection. His little back and belly are still not good, but they are getting better. He has more pink baby skin now than he has ever had. I can only hope for the day, when I am doing bandage changes and Jesus says "today is the day that I will take the blisters away and heal Jameson completely". Todd and I eagerly wait for that day. This is our prayer.

I started thinking about the future yesterday and got a little nervous. How am I suppose to put a spoon in his mouth without making blisters? How is he going to learn to hold on to rattles and toys when he is always wrapped? How will I ever let him ride a bike or a rip stick like his brothers? I really worry about these things. I know that I should not worry but I DO. How do I ,as a mom, not think about all of those things? God will take care of all of my anxieties, I know...I just hope that Jameson will not be the adrenaline seeker like his Uncle Kent(who has been air lifted off a mountain because he wrecked riding his bike down a mountain in Colorado). We love you Kent! =) Maybe, Jameson will just play golf.



Hilda said...

Hey Melissa,
Your message always blesses my heart and cause the tears to flow. We continue to pray for complete healing and look forward with you to the day that you can say "NO MORE BLISTERS!!!" Maybe Jameson will be the next Tiger!!!I know God has great plans for your family because He loves to hear us praise Him as you do. Love you,

tiffany said...

hey melisa! first off, so exciting about Jameson! God is definitely healing him and what a cool thing to see it unfolding right in front of us! what a miracle! your little miracle! and...secondly, i was listening to Chris Tomlin's new cd Hello Love and the last song on it is called "All the Way my Savior Leads me". I'm sure that you will find it very worshipful...because just listening to it reminded me of all the times God has provided and led me. He is so so good!

i have a friend who is a golf pro (sort of). so when Jameson gets older...let me know and I can get him lessons! Haha! ps...I sent out an email yesterday and I wanted you to get it, but I don't have your I am going to see if stacey can pass it along to you!

Kent and Maureen said...

What great photos! He is so cute and that picture with Nicholas is perfect. They look like brothers! I am so glad to hear everything is calming down and he is doing so well. And, I agree, let's hope none of the cousins are adrenalin junkies like Uncle Kent!

Take care and looking forward to more good news!