Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Doctors, doctors, doctors

We have now met more doctors that we ever care to know. Two more were added to the list today (of course they are wonderful people but we would have rather met them under different circumstances). An infectious disease doctor and a hematologist. You are probably already catching on to why we met both of them. You guessed it - Jameson is showing infection in his blood. This is really bad news. They have taken more blood today to run tests again to make sure the first results were not just cross contamination but rather actual infection.

If in fact the infection is in his blood they have to give the antibiotics through IV. Due to Jameson's EB the IV is complicated since they can't tape the IV on, so they have suggested going in through the jugular or femoral which requires surgery. Obviously we are praying that the first blood result's were due to cross contamination!

Please pray for baby we know you are.


tiffany said...

Pastor David had a great sermon today. He talked about Revelation 2:8-11 and the church in Smyrna. They were faithful throughout their trials because they knew God was with them. I am praying for you guys still and always! Thank you for your faithfulness!

Sara said...

Melisa and Todd, the mepitac will hold the IV on just like regular tape will. We have also used Tegaderm on Sami with no problems. It is a piece of sticky clear film, but when it came time to remove it we either used baby oil, vaseline or a product called detach-all (I have some I can give you). It was a slow process, but we were able to remove the tegaderm without causing damage to the skin. There are other ways to secure an IV in a patient with EB as well.

Dial Family said...

We are praying the doctors are wise in their decisions for Jameson and that he will be guarded from any new infection while he is in the hospital. We pray that he will heal quickly so he can have the hernia surgery.

we love you,
Matt and Kathleen

circus of love said...

Continuing to pray. So thankful to see you have some connections with EB families who have walked these halls before. I can't thank you enough for blogging so honestly about your experience. It really helps us know how to pray!!! We love you all!!
Kathryn and John and crew

Cathy said...

Todd and Melisa,
I am amazed at the grace and strength that the Lord has given you. He chose you to be the special parents that you are to Jameson.
I am standing on God's words of complete healing for Jameson. HE IS OUR HEALER, THE GREAT PHYSICIAN AND THE LIFE GIVER.
You are ministering to many that you do not know through your faith in the Lord.
Faithfully in Prayer,
Cathy Walton (friend of Phil and Cheryl)

KToens said...

It was so awesome to spend time with you guys last night. I can't even begin to imagine your heartache. So..I will do the only thing I can do and that is lift you all up before the Throne of Grace. You have at your disposal the Great Physician and I am pleading with him on your behalf!
I love you guys,
Karen Toenges

Phil Setsma said...

Todd/Melisa - was great to be with you yesterday. Excited to get to know JT a little better - he is one awesome, cute kid. I'm praying that the Lord will do a miracle on his little body, fix the blisters, kill the infection and heal his fingers. We can count on the fact that we have an powerful God who can do whatever he pleases.
Love you all

Dianne Snead said...

We are continuing to pray for Jameson's healing. Praying for you all and will continue to pray, trusting God to be what you need daily. Love to all.
The Snead's

Tracy said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am still praying for you all. Think about Jameson often. I was sad to hear he was at APH again, but hopefully he will be home, well and hernia free soon.

les dodd said...


We are praying for healing for Jameson and strength for you. Your faith is strong and such and encouragement!

Les and Kay

Christine Van Dyk said...

Melissa and Todd: You are in our prayers throughout each day. Praying that Jamesom can come home soon, that he will be guarded from new infections in the hospital and that he can have his surgery soon. We love you all and when we don't know what to pray, we ask the holy spirit to intercede for your family with groans we ourselves can't understand.