Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Please pray for baby Jameson right now. He had a horrible night with many blisters. His temperature is up to 101.6 which is bad for an EB baby. We have been told that when he gets a fever it may present itself with blisters all over his body.

We have a 12:30 appt with the pediatrician and Sara, our good friend and EB mom, says that they will most likely admit him into the hospital.



Sara said...

Melisa and Todd, please keep me posted if you can. I have more of the speical tape I can bring up if you need more of it. Or anything else you may need.

Lynn said...

Oh, no. Know that lots of prayers are being offered for all of you and especially for little Jameson and lots of love too.

Aunt Lynn

MarkandTania said...

Hey guys- I am so saddened by the latest news. I am praying for a quick and complete healing from this infection, and that the Lord will continue to strengthen you and fill you all with His peace.
We love you- Mark, Tania,Grant and Molly

Melanie said...

thank you for being willing to share your story with us all, as painful as it may be, God is being glorified in your lives. We are praying!!

erin and britt said...

We are praying. We love you guys. Erin and Britt

circus of love said...

Many prayers lifted up. We love you guys. I am so thankful for your blog. You all are on my heart so often.
Kathryn and John and the kids

les dodd said...

Les and I are praying for little Jameson for healing and comfort. Our Sunday School class is also praying. You are an encouragement in your faith.

Uncle Les and Kay

Anonymous said...

Hey Melisa & Todd...we're right here w/you! Even though physically we cannot be next to you please know that we are constantly thinking/praying for little Jameson to get well SOON!

All our love, positive thoughts and many many prayers being sent your way...
~Sally, Robert and Bianca C.

erin and britt said...

Erin told me earlier about Jameson's fever. We are praying for him and for you all.

I truly enjoyed seeing Jameson and catching up last week. Please know that we are lifting you up and that we are praying specifically for healing, comfort, strength, and a peace that only He can bring.

You all are an encouragement and an inspiration to all of us.

Britt and Erin

J. Perkins said...

Please KNOW our prayers continue for you, Baby Jameson, and family!

Our love,
Jeff, Janell, Lance and Laura Perkins

Dial Family said...

I am so sorry for another set back. Remember God sees you and knows your suffering.

May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon you and establish the work of your hands for you. Psalm 90:17

We are here if you need anything and we are in constant prayer for healing.
Matt & Kathleen

Kraig said...

We have been out of town and just recently heard the news. First of all, congratulations on the newest addition to your family - what a precious baby Jameson is!! Secondly, we are so sorry to hear the news about his EB.

In reading your blog entries to try to understand all your family has been dealing with we, of course, read your entry about Dr. Miller. If you are referring to Dr. David Miller - that is the same surgeon that operated on Hailey at 4 wks. old. He is not only a talented surgeon, but a wonderful man. He made us feel like Hailey mattered to him as much as she did to us; he even came in early at 6:30 am to perform her surgery ASAP because she hadn't been able to eat due to her condition and he wanted her well as quickly as we did. He made us feel as if she was his only patient and kept us completely and honestly informed before, during and after her surgery; not to mention her surgery was a tremendous success. We have no doubt Jameson would be in capable hands...especially if his friend is an EB specialist!

Jameson has already been in our prayers, and he will continue to be. We are praying for your entire family. Jameson is lucky to have such strong and convicted parents and two understanding and loving big brothers.

If we can help in ANY way please don't hesitate to ask!

With love and prayers,
The Kanns
Kraig, Kimberly, Hailey, Trent & Kendall

Bill and Kimberly said...

Our hearts ache for the strugles that you are facing..but in the mist of all this I see a mighty work being done in your lives and the many people you have come in contact with.

I praise God for your faith and hearts to share your journey so that God may be glorified.

We are here when you need us. We look forward to seeing you and bringing food.

All our love,
Bill, Kimberly, Cameron and Lauren

Melissa said...

I am in Angela Waite's Sunday School class here in Mobile, and Sunday morning when I saw J's picture, God just grabbed my heart with a passion to pray for him like I haven't felt in a long time. I think about and pray for J all the time, and want you to know that Angela is making sure everyone she knows is reminded to pray for your son.

Kent and Maureen said...

We love you and wish you the healthiest and happiest days to come.
Love, Mo and Kent

coon family said...

todd and melisa- my heart is so heavy over the latest news. i'm so sorry for this setback. we continue to pray faithfully for all five of you, but especially lift baby jameson up and boldly ask for healing. this morning i was reading in one of beth moore's books and something she wrote seemed to just jump off the page to me and bring you to mind......."have you, as i, sometimes cried out to the lord over his purpose in pain? have times of confusion, threat, or loss caused you to petition heaven? have you believed that to know the why would answer your need? i still lack many of those answers, but of two things i am sure. god is strong, and he is loving (ps. 62:11-12). sometimes we can look back and see that god had a better yes to follow a painful no. in many other cases we simply have to continue trusting god's goodness. in this journey i many have learned little of why god chooses to do as he does, but i have found one way god consistently uses the valley. in the land of the shadow, he teaches us to rely on him."......we love you all so much and look forward to the day when the valley will take a different path and the light will warm your faces. love and prayers to you! jennifer

Sara said...

Melisa and Todd:

I just wanted to know we are thinking of you and hope that Jameson is getting better and that the hospital staff is understanding of his EB. I hope his stay is a short one this time. Please let me know if there is anything you need or that I can help with. Sami asked me to let you know that she hopes that she can visit the "little baby boy with boo boo's like mine" again soon:-)