Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sorry for not updating

We have had a really hard time getting on-line for the past week. The latest update let you know that Jameson had not been sleeping very well. Well, for the past two night he has slept much better. Praise the Lord!!!! He has started to eat a little better. He gets so tired just reproducing skin, that eating is very hard for him. It will take 1 hour and a half just to get him to eat 3 oz. Our goal is 4 oz. per feeding. We spoke with a nutritionist and he is now on a 27 calorie diet. That seems like very little but it is enough to help him gain weight. He has yet to make it back to his birth weight. Needless to say, our day is changing diapers, feeding Jameson and changing his bandages.

I spoke with the pediatric surgeon today and we are trying to get Jameson into surgery next week. Dr. Miller, the Dr. that will be performing the surgery, is amazing. He has already spoken with the specialist in Cinn. about Jameson and has consulted with them as to the best way to treat him. There is also an anesthesiologist in Orlando that is from Cinn. Children's Hosp. that is familiar with and has done work on EB patients and Dr. Miller is trying to schedule the surgery around his schedule. We stand in awe of God's hand in all of this and working out the details of Jameson's surgery. Our little boy is so in the hands of a loving Savior that cares for him more than we do. How can we ever doubt His goodness to us?

The Lord gave me a song just after Jameson was born that Has greatly comforted me. It is a kids song but it shouts out the truth of God's word... "My God is so BIG, so Strong and so Mighty there is Nothing my God cannot do for you." We are trusting in a Big God to do Big things for Jameson. We ask for a miracle and complete healing. We ask this knowing that God's will is our desire. As a great friend prayed, "We would be selling God short if we did not ask for complete healing". So please continue to pray for Jameson and God's will to be done in his life.


matthew said...

God loves you all and so do we.

The Dials

tiffany said...

oh I am so excited to hear of all the great news! I will miss seeing you in the hallways of CEC...but I know God is going to do amazing things with Nicholas and Zachary! I hope you both are doing well and resting in Him. Even though sometimes its hard, it is SO worth it in the end! Wow, I am so excited for the update! God continues to amaze me at His provision for your family! Such a great great God!

erin and britt said...

Good to talk a little over the weekend. Selfishly I just needed to hear your voice and let you know how much we love you and your boys. We absolutely are praying for complete healing. Hope all goes well with the new school year. Sounds like your friends have you covered - sure wish we were there to help! Erin

The Burgess Family said...

We covered you in prayer this morning before we left for the first day of school! I know it wasn't exactly how the morning was supposed to go when we left school in May and that is hard to change the plan that was in our mind before God changed it. Rob's devotion yesterday said...There are stages in life when there is no storm, no crisis, when we do our human best; it is when a crisis arises that we instantly reveal upon whom we rely. If we have been learning to worship God and to trust Him, the crisis will reveal that we will go to the breaking point and not break in our confidence in Him.
We would have NEVER chosen this crisis for you, but please know that even when you aren't trying to and God is doing it for you, you are both letting everyone who comes in contact with you know that at the breaking point you have learned to keep your confidence in him. Thank you! We love you and can't wait to start holding Jameson's passy on September 5th...we are fighting over the privilege!!!!

The Burgess Family said...

Yea! I finally got it to work! Love You!!!

Debbie Rector said...

We are so excited to hear Jameson is doing better every day. What wonderful friends and gifts from God to come into your home daily and help with Jameson. Our God is so big!We pray daily and know we serve a God that can heal completely.Our love to you all. Melisa give your dad and mom a hug for me they have been so sweet to call us and let us know how all of you are doing.
Glen and Debbie

mistygreen said...

I am continually praying for ya'll every morning and night. God is with you! And there is power in Prayer!
God Bless and much love to your family,
Misty Green