Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friends are amazing!

Let me tell you how special the body of Christ is.... Todd went to one of our high school's football games on Friday night and saw people wearing bracelets. Then a good friend said to him someone is wearing a bracelet that reads "Pray for the Setsma's". Wonderful friends had these bracelets made up to remind everyone to continue to pray for us. She said that it would be easy to continue life and not remember how much we need your prayers and that is why they made these bracelets. It that not amazing? God is using so many people in our lives to point us to Him. We truly are feeling the love of God through all of you guys.

Jameson is doing great. He is sleeping a lot and eating really well. His incisions look good. I am a little nervous about how they will heal. I am not sure how Eb babies heal from surgery. So, please pray for complete healing (quickly). We are continuing to put a topical antibiotic on the areas that are open with the stitches. Our concerns are always infection.

Oh! I forgot to mention the biopsy. While the Dr. was doing the surgery on Thursday, he also took a biopsy of Jameson's skin. We will hopefully know the results in a couple of weeks. Please pray that the results come back conclusive because the 1 st biopsy was inconclusive. The results will not change what we do for Jameson; it will only give us a look into what our future with Eb will look like.

Thanks for keeping up with us and praying for our family.



Sara said...


I have some wound care product samples for Jameson to try that I got at the meeting today. One is a new wound cleaner that is proven to kill MRSA! Just let me know if you want me to drop them off or if you want to stop by and get them.
I am happy he is still doing good!

erin and britt said...

Hey! Your Dad gave our kids a bracelet - they thought that was pretty cool! Lots of prayers on your behalf all throughout Bradenton. Much love, Erin and Britt

Debbie Rector said...

we are so thankful things are going so well for Jameson. Its so great to hear the excitment in your email. God is good!
Love Glen and Debbie

Jennifer said...

Hi guys! We are so happy and thankful to hear that Jameson's surgery went so well, and that he is recovering well, too! That is wonderful news, and it sounds like such a relief to have the procedure behind you. Just know we are thinking of ya'll and praying for you (I know I sound redundant, but we really are!). Much love, Jenni, Kenny, Savannah and Josh

Christine Van Dyk said...

Dear Melissa: I found this video and was so touched by it. I thought it may be something for you too -- a reminder of God's love, His promise of better things to come and the "longing for eternity" that He puts in our hearts, a desire for a perfection that we just can't find here. I love you sister. Christine