Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Unexpected visit to the doctor

We had a little scare today. Jameson started projectile vomiting last night and today. I thought it might be his hernia's, so I called the doctor. He said get to the emergency room or to our pediatrician. We immediately went to see Dr. Coffman and he said that it was not the hernias. He thought it might be the infection or something called pyloric stenosis. We are unsure what it might be sooooo.. the doctor said to just wait and watch.

You never know what a day may hold. I wake up every morning wondering what will happen next. I just take my fears and tears to the Lord and ask Him to handle the day. And He always does.



Melanie said...

He is such a beautiful baby, i love that picture of him chillin in his crib!! you are in our prayers daily.
mel and mike

Sara said...


I am concerned about the 'watch and wait' approch. How long does he want you to watch and wait? My first concern would be dehydration if he can't keep enough formula down.

Also I have found 2 new products that might help his ankles! If you have time, give me a call or i'll try you sometime Thursday or Friday.

I hope this is nothing to serious!

Chuck and Tammy said...

I am sorry to hear that your little man is sick. I find myself checking your website several times a day to follow his progress. I wish I was there to give you a big know the kind that only childhood friends can give. Just know that we lift your family up daily in our prayers. WE love you guys.

Chuck and Tammy

circus of love said...

Continuing to pray!!!

erin and britt said...

Hey guys. Glad you got our letter-hope it comes in handy after a long day. We hope Jameson is having a better day...the kids pray daily for his "rash to get better" and we pray for all of you - for strength and healing. We so look forward to each update - thanks for taking the time to let us all go through this with you. Much, much love. Erin

Dial Family said...

I am so sorry for another rough day. I know you are worried and exhausted. We pray Jameson will get better soon and that this is nothing serious. He is so lucky to have such attentive parents!

I just know your Heavenly Father is holding you so close to Him as you walk through this. Your daily walk is glorifying Him and inspiring those of us walking beside you!

Kathleen and Matt