Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Still in the hospital

We are still here in the hospital waiting for the results of the cultures. We are growing another infection but are unsure what it is . We will wait until tomorrow and the doctors will let us know if we can go home. The infection is not in his blood which is good. Our hope is to go home soon, because the infections that are in the hospital are easily caught and hard to get rid of.

The doctor today said this may delay our hernia surgery. Our pray is that we will be able to have the surgery and just get it taken care of.

Jameson is still not eating well. He is so tired he usually falls asleep before he finishes his bottle. He was eating 4 ounces per feeding but now about 2 to 2.5 per feeding.

Faye, Melisa's mom, watched Jameson tonight for a couple hours while we went to a friends birthday party. It was so wonderful to be with incredible friends and "get away" for a little while. It was a true blessing. By the way, Charlie is now over the hill!!!

We want to thank you all for you encouraging comments. We read them all and they lift us up during this challenging time.


Nomad said...

may God guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. May you ever sense the touch of his loving hands. May He be glorified by the testimony of your steadfast hearts. We love you!

msmaine18 said...

Hello Setsma Family,

It was great to see you at WP the other day. I have wondered how your sweet Jameson was doing. Your family is a model of strength and fortitude. I will pray that Jameson goes home soon. Your family will continue to be in my prayers.

Karen Jacobson - mom of William and Patrick - your Pod 1 friends!

Sara said...

I am very glad to hear that the infection is not in his blood!

All this reminds me of all the infections Sami had as a seems like a life time ago as she will be 6 on Friday!

I will pray that you will be able to go home tomorrow and that he starts to eat better.

Mark Setsma said...

Praying constantly for Jameson as well as Mom and Dad. We love you all so much. Hope you are out of the hospital soon.
Mark and Tania

Thompson4 said...

It's amazing how Jameson is touching the lives of so many people. You don't know us, but we just wanted you to know that there is another family here in Bradenton praying for your beautiful family and its precious new member. God bless you all.

Christian & Kim Thompson

Trey and Jennifer said...

We continue to check in and pray with you guys as you ride this roller coaster of emotions, events, trips to the hospital and doctors, feedings, bandage changes, and sleep/no sleep. Thanks for keeping us posted!

Trey, Jennifer, Jurrien, Meagan and Patrice Loftin

Lynn Dorval said...

Sorry I wasn't able to make it over to APH to see you guys again. It got busy with deliveries!!! I saw Dr Sarah and told her ya'll were my friends and to take good care of you!! I am praying for you guys!! Know that you have made quite an impact on the labor room with your strength and faith!!!
I will check on ya'll next time I work. Hopefully you won't be there!!!
Lynn Dorval