Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Meet the teacher

Jameson had a good day. It's almost midnight right now and he is wide awake. I'm typing with one hand and holding him in the other. This takes hunt and peck to a whole new level.

I'm not a doctor but i think the infection is going away. Praise God! When we did the dressing change his skin looked really good. Off course that's relative but for Jameson it looked good. He seems to be getting less blisters which is a good sign. We are still of course praying for complete healing.

We are getting into the "life routine" now a little bit. The boys go back to school on Wednesday and this big boy will go back to work. We went to school tonight to meet the teachers. Z has Mrs. Cline and N has Mrs. Millsaps. Both answers to prayer and wonderful teachers. We have been praying for the boys teachers since school got out in May and God put them in the perfect place. Please pray for a smooth transition for all of us. There are so many unknowns. How will Zachary do away from Melisa? How will N do this school year and is his eye tracking issue corrected after all the hard work he has done? How will M do with J at home alone? Will she be able to attend centers in Z's kindergarten class? And many more...

We are blessed to have awesome friends. M's good friend, Marcy Funk, handed her a schedule tonight that layed out from now until December. Each day one of M's girl friends is going to come over and help M with the 2 hour dressing change. What a picture of awesome giving and servant leadership. An incredible blessing. We are so thankful.

Speaking of thankful...we want to publicly thank my mom for being with us the entire first month. We couldn't have done it without her. M's parents are here now for 2 weeks and are helping in every way imaginable. We are blessed in so many ways.

We will be talking to Dr. Miller Tuesday to see when he wants to schedule the hernia surgery. We will keep you posted. We would like to wait another week or so to allow Jameson to get some good strength and allow him to be out of the hospital for a little while.

We love you.



Circleoftrust said...

love you and praying with you and Melissa-peter

Sara said...

I am glad Jameson is doing better and I hope he continues to improve. I am more than happy to help with Jameson for a few hours once in a while so Melisa can attend things at the boys school.

I hope you have more good days than bad ones!


Dial Family said...

I am so thankful things are looking up for the Setsma's! A normal, boring routine will be a little slice of heaven!

We pray every day for healing for Baby J. We are hear if you need anything!

We love ya,
Matt & Kathleen

Chuck and Tammy said...

It is so good to hear tht Jameson is doing better. I pray that he will continue to improve. I will pray that the boys have a smooth transition in school. I wish I were there so I could help. But just know that we continue to pray for you and the family. Give Melisa and big and hug and kiss from me. Psalm 55:17....Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray and he shall hear my voice.

Love to all,
Chuck and Tammy

Michaela and Court said...

I'm so happy to hear that Jameson is doing better. I hope that he will continue to improve and that the boyshave a great first day back in school!

Phil Setsma said...

We love you all a great deal and will continue to pray for a miracle for Jameson. He is such a perfect gift in so many ways - he's truly a super looking baby, and I haven't seen many. Praying also that things will continue to get easier and less painful for everyone. Please lean on us for whatever you need - 1.5 hours later we're there to help. We really don't have anything more important to do.
Love you all