Help! This dogs getting me.

Help! This dogs getting me.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


They admitted us into Arnold Palmer yesterday like we expected they would. All sorts of tests have been run and staph infection and psuedomonas infection (which has a very bad odor) have been found. They attempted to put an IV in his head but were unsuccessful and since his skin is so fragile right now they were not able to put an IV in at all. The Dr. consulted with Dr. Lucky in Cincinnati and they feel comfortable giving him oral antibiotics and an ointment antibiotic that we apply with bandage changes.

Please pray that Jameson continues to eat. He is so lethargic and has very little appetite. We don't want to have a tube feeding him.

Also, please pray that Jameson doesn't have bacteria in his blood. The preliminary results show that he may. We will find out in 24 hours. If it is in his blood severe complications will result and they will have to surgically place a line (like an IV) to administer antibiotics.

The prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much. Thank you for praying so fervently for our baby Jameson.



Debbie Rector said...

We were so sorry to hear Jameson has fever.It has been so amazing to see God working in so many ways with bringing the different doctors together.We continue to pray for renewed strength for you and Todd and continue to trust in the merciful goodness of our Heavenly Father.
Love Glen and Debbie

Snyders said...

Hi Setsma family. We want you guys to know that baby JT and the family are in our prayers. Kate has to pray for baby Setsma every night. We love you guys and will continue to trust in the Lord for strenth for JT and his family. Love, Travis Karissa and Kate

lisbey said...

we are so sorry to hear about this infection, i want you to know that jameson is in our prayers every day. if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.......xoxo

lisbey eb mom .

Keith, Jackie and Alex said...

know we are praying everyday!
the harmon family

AHunter said...

Dear Setsmas,
We are praying for Jameson and are so sorry for his continual complications. Your apparent trust and faith in God will ensure strength and peace for your family.

The Hunters
Atlanta, Georgia

Jayne Shatto said...

We have been praying for Jameson and checking in for updates often. This road of ups and downs is so difficult, but please know you are being prayed for through each moment.
Jayne Shatto

Sara said...

I pray and hope he doesn't not have an infection in his blood.

Tube feeding isn't as bad as it sounds and it would give his body a chance to rest and heal. Dehydration can happen so quickly, it's so scary.

I pray tomorrow brings good news and i'll give you a call in the afternoon.

Dianne Snead said...

Hi Setsma Family,
Know that we are praying still everyday for Jameson and your family. So many are doing the same.
I can only imagine what you all are going through. I pray the Lord will give you strength for everyday. I know He will give you what you need when you need it (one day at a time, moment by moment). You all are such an encouragement to us. Tell Zachary and Nicholas we said hello.
Love The Sneads

Chuck and Tammy said...

Chuck and I are so sorry to hear that baby Jameson is sick. We pray for the doctors that God will direct their steps. We pray for you and Todd..for the strength, endurance, and the much needed rest. I wish I was close by so I could help. Please know that we love you and are praying for all of you.
Love Chuck and Tammy

Alexis said...

May you continue to find strength, wisdom and comfort through the Lord and know that thoughts and prayers are going out for Jameson and the famliy from your friends in Phoenix.We love you guys.


Phil Setsma said...

Todd/Melisa - great news today that JT doesn't have a bacterial infection is his blood and will not need a tube placed for IV. That is truly an answer to prayer. Maybe this is the turn for the better we've all been praying for. Also, please know we're still praying and are happy that someone a whole lot bigger than us is in control. Love you all

Michaela & Court said...

Todd & Melisa- please know that thoughts and prayers are going out for Jameson and the family from your all of your friends in Phoenix. We love you guys.

Karen said...

Melisa, Todd and boys,
Your strength is amazing!! I am praying for you guys and especially little Jameson. May you really know that Peace that passes ALL understanding. I love you guys,
Karen Toenges

Dial Family said...

SOOOO glad little man does not have the bacterial infection. What an answer to prayer and a reason to celebrate.

Know that the Setsmas are covered in prayer and loved by many! Hannah prays for baby J everyday to get home and stay home, with his big brothers!

Kathleen and Matt

tiffany said...

Todd and Melisa,
Know that I am praying constantly. I saw Zachary and Nicholas today with the Calverts at church. They were just like normal. I have also been praying for them to be strong...and it seems like they are! I pray that God continues to give you strength and patience. You are such a special family and I know Jameson is in the perfect hands of Christ...and God certainly ordained some pretty great parents.

I will keep praying for Jameson! He's such a tough little guy and way too cute!!

Autumn said...

Hey Setsma Family. We continue to pray for JT and your family. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.

Bill and Autumn Blanchard